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"Ramoen" trip 1
"Ramoen" has started trip 1. Combination of cod, haddock and saithe fillets. Landing beg. of February.
Merger Vartdal Seafood AS - Ramoen AS
Vartdal Seafood AS is a 100 % owned daughter company of Ramoen AS. In order to simplify our administrative routines Vartdal Seafood AS has been merged with AS Ramoen.
New "Ramoen" 2016
AS Ramoen has ordered a new factory trawler at the Spanish Armon group. The vessel has been designed by Rolls Royce Marine Aalesund. Overall length is 75,1 meters. The fillet factorty will give us a possibility to offer a wide rande of products. 100% of the fish will be utilized through fishmeal and fish oil production. The vessel will be a modern environment friendly vessel.